Title Insurance

Near North National Title is well known in the Chicago real estate community for our ability to address complex title issues and effectively close high liability transactions. Our company provides a comprehensive array of title insurance products for Commercial, National and Residential projects. We are experienced and knowledgeable in local customs and policy coverage for all 50 states and other select jurisdictions. Read More

Commercial Transactions

A staple in the Chicago Real Estate Community for over 30 years, Near North’s Commercial Department has the knowledge and expertise to handle a complete range of transactions. We routinely close high liability transactions of $20 million or more, and we are experts in resolving title issues. We also offer the entire range of title policy endorsements to tailor your coverage to suit your needs. Read More

National Commercial Transactions

Near North’s National Commercial Services Group is an industry leader in the coordination and closing of high liability commercial transactions for single and multi-site properties located across the country.  Utilizing our extensive platform of national partnerships, our experienced staff guides clients through each transaction, providing innovative solutions to tough underwriting issues.  Regardless of geographic location or portfolio size, we deliver the highest level of service and title insurance protection to the industry’s leading professionals and their complex transactions.  Read More


NNNT’s construction expertise is built on decades of experience. We administer all types of commercial, industrial and residential construction escrows, including loans, owner and tenant escrows, outside interim accounts and one-time examinations. Read More


In the purchase or sale of a property, NNNT provides escrow services as a neutral third party to the transaction. Our commercial escrow division administers all types of commercial escrows, including earnest money, deed and money, money lenders and post-closing escrows. Read More


Our Residential Escrow Division provides agency-closing services for residential properties within Chicago, the surrounding metropolitan areas, and throughout the state. Our experienced staff understands that it is always necessary to pay close attention to detail, providing seamless service to all of our clients, which include real estate agents, real estate developers, attorneys, homeowners selling by owner, and lenders. Read More

Attorney Agent

As a boutique style title company, we focus on the needs of the individual client and strive to achieve a level of customer service that is unmatched in the industry. As your service provider, our team of specialists will work with you on your transaction from start to finish, from delivery of your search package to typing your title commitment, through the closing, right on to the delivery of the typed final title policies. We want to make the closing experience as efficient and effortless as possible for you and your clients. Customer Service is our number one priority. Read More

1031 Exchanges

A 1031 Exchange, or “like-kind” exchange, is a tax-deferred exchange that provides an efficient way for a taxpayer to defer capital gain taxes on eligible classes of real and personal property that were initially acquired or held for a business or investment purpose. An investor who uses a 1031 Exchange may defer the capital gain while disposing of low-basis assets and can increase leverage through reinvestment of the cash savings. Read More

Corporate Escrow

Our escrow professionals navigate the most complex commercial, industrial and residential construction escrows with integrity and a commitment to adhere to the most stringent deadlines when reviewing construction documents and disbursing project funds. Our approach is shaped by a close working partnership with the client and allows each escrow to proceed smoothly and at a rapid pace.