Near North National Title LLC is a full service title and escrow company that has been offering clients a comprehensive portfolio of national commercial and residential title services for over 25 years. One of the largest title agents in the Midwest, Near North provides customized solutions for a broad scope of title and escrow needs, leveraging years of industry expertise and underwriter relationships that allow for the utmost flexibility in facilitating even the most complex real estate transactions. Headquartered in the Chicago Loop, Near North offers services throughout six Chicagoland locations. Near North’s commitment to exceed customer expectations has resulted in longstanding relationships with diverse clients; the trust that Near North instills in its partners contributes to its reputation in the industry as a premier provider of title and escrow services across all markets.

A subsidiary of Near North Title Group, we benefit from the best practices and technologies the industry has to offer and enjoy strategic partnerships with some of the most successful real estate underwriters and professionals in the business. Near North is involved in real estate transactions in excess of $5 Billion yearly and insures some of the largest commercial transactions in the state.

Commitment to Our Clients

Near North National Title provides a full range of title and escrow services to clients involved in complex, single and multi-site commercial, industrial and residential real estate transactions throughout the country. We are committed to satisfying competing demands seamlessly.  Our dedicated staff works in partnership with our clients to ensure every transaction is a successful transaction.

Our executive team leads Near North National Title by:

  • Meeting clients’ needs with unsurpassed products and services
  • Operating with the highest ethical standards
  • Following industry-leading best governance and compliance protocols
  • Embracing diversity and respecting all cultures
  • Acknowledging and addressing issues promptly
  • Making valid contribution to our community

Our responsibility is to create value for our clients, employees, and communities.  The real estate industry can be complex, and we acknowledge that adapting to evolving business conditions is critical to the way we direct our company.  We recognize the importance of synchronizing both the latest technology and steadfast client services

Today regulators and legislators are taking strong action to better protect the public interest.  We actively participate in this reform process, continually reinforcing our dedication to transparent corporate governance and solving issues as they arise.

Underwriter Relationships
Near North National Title’s relationships with multiple underwriters provide us with the opportunity to draw on the strengths of each underwriter and provide greater adaptability in dealing with the various underwriting issues presented. This diversity provides our clients the flexibility and the ability to obtain customized underwriting service.